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DIY photobooths for sale

Our premium DIY photobooth shells are renowned top-of-the notch photobooths in the industry. Reliably handcrafted in USA.

Our Aluminum DIY Photo booths, T11 2.0, T11 2.5, T12 2.0, T17, T19, T20, T20R and T21, are the hottest photobooths for sale in the industry right now. Made of USA Aircraft Grade Aluminium and expertly finished with a aluminum powder coat with matte finish. Designed to give portability, elegance and efficiency.

Our Road Case DIY Photo Booths like the TS220, 3-stack Photobooth, Slimderella are made of 1/4″ Black Ply ABS Laminate and expertly trimmed with silver riveted aluminum giving you with the top quality product yet not losing its professional look.

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