RBA Eco Planar 22 w/ Printer Stand and DNP RX1 Cover

$2,717.00 $2,329.00

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RBA’s Bundle Packages are budget-friendly and best for those who opts to purchase the basic photo booth equipment by themselves from another merchant.
This package certifies you our top notch and high quality photo booth shells that are manufactured and made in USA.
This aims for the preservation and protection of your equipment and photo booth shells from scratches and possible cracks during or after the events.
Our Bundle Packages varies between an RBA Photo Booth Shell with Stand Alone Printer Stand/Shelf and DNP RX1 Printer Cover or the RBA DIY Photo Booth Bundle which contains
the RBA Photo Booth Shell, Stand Alone Printer Stand/Shelf and the Photo Booth Shell Travel Case.



RBA Eco Planar 22 Photo Booth Shell Specifications:

This the newest photo booth design. Inspired by our T20, the ECO Planar 22 is only 8″ thick which makes it lighter than the original T20 and has a rubber tight tilt option which will allow you to get all 180 degree angles.

Head Size: 28″ X 23″ X 8″


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