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T18D (DSLR Version) Photo Booth Shell Only

$2,500.00 $1,714.00

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*We offer different packages to suit your needs also. Please browse through our other T18D Photo booth packages here: PHOTOBOOTH PACKAGES


Looking for the most portable photo booth in the market? The new T18D DSLR version is here! What you have grown to love about the T18 webcam has now evolve to DSLR Version.  Yes, it is still brand-able, and yes, it is still very portable.  We took away the black rubber knob so you can have that sleek look.

The T18D is design to fit inside a standard Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.  This will allow you to travel faster from one event to another event.  Let’s face it! The faster load-in and load-out, the more money you get with out sacrificing your quality of service.

What else you will need after you buy the T18D photo booth shell?

  • LED Continuous Lighting
  • DSLR Camera
  • Dell XPS 18 All in One PC or Asus 19″ Touch Screen Monitor (your choice of mini pc or laptop)
  • Dye Sublimation Printer (Recommended Dye Sub printer is DNP RX1)
  • Printer Stand Kit with your choice of printer cover


T18 Shell Weight: 27lbs

Download T18 Instruction Manual here



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